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Male Engagement

In Focus: Men and Student Success

With the increased involvement of men—including single fathers, noncustodial dads, homeschooling dads, custodial grandparents and other concerned relatives—in their students’ education, there is a greater need for male parent support.
Research shows that when fathers and father figures are engaged in children’s education, student grades and test scores improve, attendance increases and students are more involved in school activities.[1]
Father involvement is associated with children’s better socio-emotional and academic functioning.[2]
Active and regular father engagement with children impacts a range of positive outcomes, including enhancing cognitive development and decreasing delinquency and poverty in low socioeconomic families.[3]

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Key Strategies for Starting a Male Engagement Program

  • Identify strong leadership, especially a “point” person who is willing to make a long-term commitment to the effort.
  • Educate men about the importance of their involvement. Emphasize the positive benefits of men’s involvement in their students’ education and in PTA.
  • Meet with leadership and key players. Find a shared issue to address.
  • Establish a plan of action. Get men involved in concrete projects.
  • Meet with local administrators for approval. Address any safety concerns and follow volunteer and visitation policies.
  • Develop a male engagement team of men and women. Seek out male community leaders and role models. Ask men to join directly, rather than through flyers or posters.
  • Adapt communication and activities for male involvement. Don’t use generic materials! Keep messages succinct and to the point. Publicize men participating in activities to avoid the appearance of a “token” presence.
  • Keep the momentum up:.
    • Keep school staff and PTA leadership involved and informed.
    • Hold regular events and follow up.
    • Celebrate successes and continue to evaluate progress.
    • Reinforce male engagement with regular quarterly and biannual programs.
    • Arrange for individual men to do one-day school visits.